Being Enough

“We don’t see things as they are. We see them as we are.”

Anais Nin

What would you do today if you believed that you were enough?

How would you act and what would you say?

Who would you spend time with and how would you be with them?

If these questions seems strange, it is probably because we don’t ever ask them of ourselves or the people around us.

Perhaps we assume that we believe that we…

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How Tight is Too Tight?

How Tight is Too Tight?

When I meet with managers who are looking to drive performance in their employees, there inevitably seems to come a point in their motivation techniques when the returns begin to diminish. It is true that when we employ what Daniel Goleman and Daniel Pink refer to as “pace-setting” techniques to certain divisions in business (sales, marketing, research), we are most likely going to see immediate…

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All We Want is Your True Self.

All We Want is Your True Self.

I was having dinner with my thirteen year-old daughter the other day and we were talking about friendships and community and she shared this gem with me:

“All I want is to hang around with people who are honest with themselves.”

I am not sure if a more truthful statement can be made. And while middle school is usually a pretty awkward time where we often feel weird and out of place,


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